Change is Inevitable

When you are first faced with a diagnosis of diabetes, it’s a very hard process to come to terms with. The realisation that this condition is now with you for the rest of your life, is indeed a very tough thing to confront.

Many emotions such as, anger, denial, and self-pity are but a few emotions which are bound to present themselves. Just remember this is quite normal and you must give yourself the time to deal with these emotions. However, what you must also consider is, change is inevitable. This is happening now, it can’t be pushed to one side in hope that it will disappear.

“Diabetes has always been a challenge for me. It has never been easy. Every step of the way, for the past 21 years, I’ve had to fight my way through everything it has thrown in my direction.”


Developing an understanding that things are going to change is key.

It’s all new. I know and I know you’ve never experienced this before, but you must give it your best shot, to remain healthy.

Once you put in the effort, this new change in your life will start to become your new norm.

Don’t resist it because, it will definitely take control of you. You need to be on top of it.  If you’re having a hard time adjusting, don’t struggle by yourself. Look for and get support from people close to you. I found that the online community was a great place to start. Things that I was struggling with, I was able to get through it, with their support. They were just like me (diabetic) and that was enough for us to have an instant connection. They could really relate to me and had an understanding of what I was actually going through.

Family are a are great source of support too, even though they may not understand it quite like another diabetic. Remember, they have nothing but love for you and want to help you in whatever way they can. So don’t shut them out. It’s new to them too, but I can assure you they are ready and willing to help you. Use your medical team e.g, doctors, nurses and dieticians, whoever you can reach out to. They should be there to help you.

Be patient my friend, you are stronger than you know you are. Stay determined and try your best to accept this new change in your life. Turn it into something positive.

You can do this!!

Amina xx

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