Diabetes Week Sunday 8th June -Saturday 14th June 2014

This week in the UK is diabetes week and this year’s theme is ‘I can’.

Diabetes has been a part of my life since I was 11 years old.  At such a young age I had the burden of such a huge responsibility. It forced me to mature, it taught me about myself and even more so how I am able to deal with my emotions.

When I was diagnosed I went through a range of emotions from being angry, to being very upset about the hand I was dealt.  This would have daunted anyone but I had a realisation that actually “I can do this”. And with time I also realised that, I can do anything that anyone else can do regardless of my diabetes.

As a newly diagnosed diabetic, being able to deal with emotions is crucial to being able to progress and live a normal life.  Looking back to how I dealt with those emotions, it helped me move on with my life and live normally. Yes I have my bad days but I am able to push through and get the job done.

Diabetes is a priority in my life but not the only priority. I have not allowed it to be my main focus and stop me from being able to achieve everything that I’ve aspired to do. This may sound strange but I take care of it, so in fact it takes care of me. It has not crushed me and will never hold me back. It has propelled me into so many different directions. From being able to go to university and study, to travelling the world, to even being able to have this blog and ultimately being able to have my beautiful children. Even something as small as being able to drive. I can do it because diabetes has not prevented me from being able to do so. I won’t let it be a hindrance.

Even with diabetes you most certainly can do whatever you put your mind to.

I can.  If I can, you can too.

Amina xx

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  1. Sam says:

    Hi just found your blog at the diabetes centre, thought I’d take a look. I’ve been diabetic for 6 years now. It developed gestationally and is now type 1. It has been very uncontrolled. My last hba1c was 104, I decided I wanted to try for another baby and obviously needed help! I went on to an insulin pump In April and my most recent hba1c in June/July is now 69!


    1. Hi Sam
      That’s a fantastic A1c your doing a great job. The pump definitely helped me with both pregnancy. However both pregnancies were slightly different. As long as you stay positive and work hard everything will be ok god wiling. Where are you from? Do you mean the diabetes centre in Manchester?
      Anyway Thanks for stopping by. I also have a Facebook page which is linked to the blog but I interact on a daily basis on there. X


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