Minimal criteria for Freestyle Libre UK

For my UK readers, if you are unsure if you might be entitled to a #FreestyleLibre, there is now a minimal criteria in which you must meet to be excepted for one in the UK. Take a look and see if you might fall into any of the criteria. Amina x


I wanted to write a post about diabulimia as it impacts many people within the diabetes community. I myself have never suffered with this condition but feel that as a diabetes blogger I have a huge responsibility to spread awareness of this condition. So, what is diabulimia?  It is a condition where type 1 diabetes…

Long Overdue!

I know ive been away for a while guys but here a little update on what ive been up to.

Glucose Spikes

The undetected condition of glucose spikes could in fact be the cause of many underlying conditions such as Diabetes, Cancer and even heart attacks.

A few things you didn’t know about Frederick Banting

Today, November 14th marks one of the most important days in the diabetes calendar, World Diabetes Day. On this day, we remember one of the most prominent figures in diabetes, Sir Frederick Grant Banting, the man responsible for co-discovering insulin, as a source of treatment for diabetics in the early 1900s.You can read more about it…

Je suis fatigué of the monthly P

Sorry guys this one is for the girls. This is one aspect of life that doesn’t affect your diabetes, but for us girls we are faced with the not so pleasant monthly, painful and uncomfortable period.… Source: Je suis fatigué of the monthly P

Positivity Jar

Diabetes living is undeniably a struggle. It’s relentless and arduous in every sense. This life-long illness’ is far from enjoyable. Many may say that diabetes does not define them, which is true. … Source: Positivity Jar