A moment of madness: When insulin got diluted/ injested! 


Diabetic Problem #55:

Ever tasted insulin mixed with water?

Well this silly lady did just that, when I decided to change my insert just before dinner at the dinning table. Then obliviously I primed my pump right over my cup of water.

Did it click then?


Not until I drank 3/4 of the water and then said out loud, ” this water taste funny and smells sort of like insulin.” LoL

Only then did I realise what I had done. There’s a first time for everything and that will definitely be the last time.

I most definitely WOULD NOT advise you to ever attempt this brief moment of stupidity. It wasn’t my intention to try it out and by the way it taste dreadful! I doubt I’ll have any side effects but if I do I’ll be sure to inform you all.


Thanks for stopping by


Amina xx



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  1. Jamila says:

    Did you feel all right afterwards? What happens to insulin ingested in this way?


    1. I felt fine afterwards because actually it has no effect when it is taken orally. The acid in the stomach breaks down the insulin before it enters the blood stream. For this reason Insulin must be admistered via injection or insulin pump so it goes directly into the blood stream.


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