#Wordless Wednesday #2

Orange Lucozade is following me all over the place today!!


orange L1



It’s all my fault because, if I see a good deal at the supermarket I then go and buy more orange Lucozade hahaha! When I have a hypo it becomes just as important as my pump and insulin.


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  1. Hii, I’ve a few questions for you. Why you using a pump? Why you having hypos that cuase you stress?


    1. Hi, I originally started using a pump when I had a my son. I was previously on 5 injections a day and I found the pump did help me manage my diabetes better. Since I had my son I have suffered from lows quite frequently (perhaps some changes in my body). However being on the pump and sensor is definitely helping me get rid of the frequency of those lows. Do you not like the pump? or are you just interested?


      1. A major factor also is that it has given me a lot more freedom in my diabetes life. Plus putting one insert in every few days over injecting every day 5 times a day is a lot less hassle. It out ways the benefit of not having to do that so frequently.


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