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Omipod or stick with the Vibe??

The other day, I found out that my warranty on my Animas Vibe had actually ended and it was just a continuation of my previous pump (Animas 20/20). So essentially I have been walking around without any warranty for the past 3 months.


Anyway! I’ve been given the option of either getting a brand new Animas Vibe or an Omnipod. I’m well aware of what both pumps can do. However I wanted to get your views on which pump would be the better option for me to go with? Or you’re experiences with either pump. I like my Vibe it’s small and easy handle but I also like the idea of the Omnipod as its cable free, I can check my BGL’s on there too and it seems more advanced than my current Vibe.

How does the Omnipod work with the Dexcom G4? Would I need a receiver?

I would appreciate any feedback you can give me to make my decision a lot easier.

*BTW I and other UK WordPress users have been having a lot of trouble using WordPress due to the Internet Watch Foundation blocking WordPress. Although the block has been lifted, some of the WordPress servers are still black listed by ISP’s. On some days I can log on to my blog and access my blog posts. On other days I can’t access a thing. 

Thanks Amina.